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Short thoughts and replies that weren't a whole blog post.

  1. 🎵 listening to the album “Is” by Hey Ocean! I remember listening to songs they put up on NoiseTrade years back. Fun album.

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  2. I’m archiving old tweets to my site and realizing that #smooshgate really captured my attention in 2018

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  3. Today I learned that the Clippers used to be based in San Diego. Feels like something I should have known given the city’s history with major sports teams and the controversy with moving without NBA approval. Sounds like the Clippers are coming to Oceanside! Well, the Ontario G-league team. ...

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  4. A garden blog where you can post the growth (or decline) of your plants and gardens. Would be really cool to see changes over time. Would also be cool to see more updates about people taking care of their plants and building a culture around that. We have Instagram accounts...

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  5. A search engine that only checks posts from specific people and sites you follow. Specifically for recipes, reviews/recommendations. There’s a lot of SEO crap out there. This would hinge on people and brands building enough trust that people opt-in to them rather than building enough SEO juice to get to...

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  6. Today I Learned about geek codes. Seems like a fun sub-culture creation. Here’s to hoping I created this correctly… -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.1 GCS d- s+: a C$ !U P-- L+ !E W+++ !N !o K--? w- !O? M !V PS+@ PE@ !Y !PGP-- !t 5? !X !R*...

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  7. I’d like to recognize Vizio for finally fixing Chromecast support on their “Smartcast” TV. Was getting close to 2 years of their headline feature being completely broken. Gold star for you ⭐️

  8. One upside for HBO rebranding their streaming to “Max” is that the name is so non-descript I didn’t notice the credit card charges after I was supposed to cancel our trial. Well done corporate.

  9. Happy 2024 everyone. Here’s to gradual improvement over all or nothing goals 🥂

  10. Was great to meet everyone at IndieWebCamp San Diego this weekend! Had some productive conversations and learned a lot about what other people are doing. I hope we can meet again soon.

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  11. The snow has started falling on the site despite the weather still being in the 70+°F (20+°C) outside. ☃️

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  12. My favorite part of Apple Music’s “Spotify Wrapped” clone is seeing where the app broke and logged 100+ plays on something I only played a few times. Last year was a Charlie Brown Christmas with an honorable mention of 60 plays of The Prince of Egypt. This year was Pixar’s...

  13. I recently added a micropub server to make it easier to post to my site. Sorry if that means more dumb words. I’m hoping it encourages me to post more pictures though.

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  14. Watching the Beckham documentary puts a whole 'nother dimension to Ted Lasso as an American.

  15. Watching the Beckham documentary puts a whole 'nother dimension to Ted Lasso as an American.

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