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  1. sunset over a ski slope.

    Goodbye winter

  2. Looking out from a beach at a colorful sunset with a lifeguard tower in the foreground.

    It was nice to play ultimate on the beach again now that daylight savings gives us enough evening light. I...

  3. View of a snow covered mountain from between evergreen trees on an also snowy mountain top with a snowmobile.

    Had a fun weekend enjoying the snow in Southern California. It always amazes me how big mountains can be. ...

  4. Large purple and yellow iris flowers

    These irises are looking amazing. They are loving all the winter rain!

  5. Looking out from below a long ocean pier after sunset with lots of exposed beach and people walking around.

    It was nice to watch the sun set over a super low tide today. Lots of rocks were flushed up...

  6. A dog and boy lay on the ground looking at each other.

    Denver made a few friends at the coffee shop this weekend. Most were a little noisier than this one. ...

  7. A dog reaching for a ball under a couch as seen from the other side.

    I swear he intentionally loses these tenis balls under the couch so I have to help him…

  8. Looking down on small clouds and farmland. A plane wingtip is visible in the corner of the picture.

    Au revoir France. It was nice to meet you. I’ll have more photos to share soon ❤️

  9. Brick building next to a glass faced building showing another brick building in its reflection. Post contains multiple images

    Sometimes I can’t pick my favorite perspective…

  10. Black and white silhouette of the Eiffel tower from below.

    This tower is impressively tall. I loved getting brunch at a nearby cafe and walking around the neighborhood.

  11. Large leaves with slits in front of a forest canopy.

    Didn’t expect to find this jungle in Paris 🌿

  12. Blue sky showing through a decorative stone arch.

    I’m loving the stonework in Paris. So much detail to appreciate.

  13. Reflection in a car's side mirror showing a golden retriever puppy looking out an open window.

    Lots of car trips for this little guy. He even has a seat belt now!

  14. Young, furry golden retriever puppy with a ocean sunset and palm trees behind.

    Hard to believe that we’ve had this little fluffball for almost 3 months now!

  15. Robins in a bird bath with two protesting the other at close range. Post contains multiple images

    The San Diego robin irruption is real. Our backyard has recently been filled with American Robins. I’ve counted at least...

  16. Small, round owl looking directly at camera from a branch

    I would just like to wish everyone a #SuperbOwl day. Whooo needs Eagles when you have owls?

  17. Ocean sunset with scrub landscaping in foreground and the outline of an island on the horizon.

    Always nice when you can see the sun setting behind Catalina Island (visible to the right). I’m glad we could...

  18. blue bird with yellow and red bill looking out from behind some leafy branches.

    Felt like posting a photo today. This was a fun one from the San Diego Safari Park. It’s a Great...

  19. Small shells scattered in the sand.

    There are a lot of reasons I historically haven’t liked the beach: the sun burning my skin, the wind and...

  20. cabin surrounded by tall pine trees with grass lawn in front and hazy view of hill behind

    December has me thinking of cooler weather.

  21. a sunset over a harbor full of boats.

    We’ve had some really great sunsets the past few weeks. So satisfying.

  22. seal resting on rocks

    It’s been a busy last month. I had a lot of fun on the central California coast but I’m happy...

  23. Pink flower against a bed of green leaves

    A year later I finally got my Instagram photos backfilled. I hope to make it easier to upload photos in...

  24. small girl running to woman with open arm on picnic blanket.

    Happy Mother’s Day to my wife. While we may not have kids in our home today, I am so proud...

  25. close up of flower on cactus

    Because I haven’t posted enough of either, here’s a yellow flower on a cactus

  26. closeup of yellow roses on a bush. Post contains multiple images

    The roses were in full bloom this weekend at the rose gardens. So many interesting varieties. Loved these “Love Song“...

  27. small, yellow flowers reaching up in bright sunlight

    I got a lot of sun this weekend, but I’d like to think it was worth it.

  28. windy cactus sprawling across a blue sky.

    I think plants just go crazy in Southern California 🤔

  29. Gray bird with tuft hanging in front of it's black face standing upright in grass.

    Saw quite a few of these handsome California Quail out hiking this weekend.

  30. Spiny plant topped with a spiky ball wrapped with white threads.

    I love that this is named a “Cobwebby thistle”. It’s so cool to look at.

  31. Looking down on deep blue waters along cliffs of a coastline with clouds below. Post contains multiple images

    Had a really fun time flying into the “Airport in the Sky” on Catalina Island this weekend. It was beautiful!...

  32. silhouettes of three seagulls standing at the edge of a flat, reflective beach as the sun sets behind them.

    We saw a beautiful sunset this weekend with our friends. The gulls seemed like they were ready for the day...

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